Shoes. Oh my God. Shoes.

Anthropologie is one of my all time favorite stores. Not only do they have amazing dresses and home decor (particularly their kitchen stuff), they also have killer shoes! I always seem to find the most unique and beautiful shoes there! So … with fall approaching in just under a month I thought I would share some of my favorite shoes to finish off the summer and some booties to prepare for fall! And, as an added plus, all of the shoes below happen to be on sale!!! That’s what I call perfect timing.

Shoes. OMG. Shoes

                                                         1.) Laventa Booties in “Dark Grey”

                                                          2.) Terra Wedges in “Black Motif”

                                                       3.) Mirelle Lacecut Booties in “Peach”

                                                         4.) Charm-Cut Wedges in “Brown”

                                                           5.) Grammar Booties in “Wine”

                                                           6.) Filifera Slingbacks in “Plum”

                                                                      Happy Shopping!!

                      P.S. major points if you got the song reference for the title of this post!signature

New Arrivals: JCrew Factory

Jcrew Factory is a staple in my closet and makes up the majority of my work clothes.  I always look forward to when they release their new arrivals and at least a few items end up in my shopping bag and on their way to me every time. Here’s what I’m loving from their newest release!

Factory Leather-Sleeve Tee

Factory Leather-Sleeve Tee – Love the leather sleeve detailing!

Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest

Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest – The infamous vest that was seen all over last winter (available in camo here). I never broke down and bought it and have been regretting it ever since! Now clicking “add to bag” on the site ;)

Factory Always Cardigan

Factory Always Cardigan – My favorite layering item when we’re in between seasons. I have just about every color they’ve ever made I like these so much!

Factory Leather Ponte Dress

Factory Leather Ponte Dress – I love shift dresses & I love leather, this is the perfect combo!

Factory Stripe Ponte Dress

Factory Stripe Ponte Dress – This dress is the perfect weekend dress to wear with flats or sandals and layer with a denim jacket or lightweight sweater (available in navy & white here)

Factory Pencil Skirt in Scalloped Lace

Factory Pencil Skirt in Scalloped Lace – Blue is very on trend right now and the lace adds a subtle feminine touch

Factory Classic Button-Down Shirt in Plaid

Factory Classic Button-Down Shirt in Plaid – I am TFD so a classic plaid button down is always a must have!

                                                                       Happy Monday!


July Favorites!

Every month I seem to come across new products and find myself reaching for them over and over again. July went by super fast (seems like every month does these days!) and we’re now already almost half way thru August! I feel like it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! Below are a few things I’ve been loving the past month.

Frank Body Scrub

july favoritesI’ve been loving my Frank Body scrub! It smells amazing and I have been using it to prep before my spray tans, when I am self-tanning at home, or just want super smooth skin! My favorite scent is the coconut & grape seed .


Gap Jeans

July Favorites                          Resin Rinse JeansDestructed Jeans | Dark Wash Jeans (unpictured)

When looking for jeans, I always want a super crisp dark denim pair and a ripped distressed pair. Lately, it seems brands are making jeans with more and more whiskering (in all the wrong areas!) and some have flap pockets. I love good jeans that just sit on your shape and don’t add bulk.  Gap jeans are everything I have been looking for – dark denim, no flap pockets, and some distressed denim! It also doesn’t hurt that the price point on their jeans is super affordable. Last week I ordered 3 pairs and was lucky enough to have a coupon code that was able to be applied towards jeans (check the details of their coupon codes to find a coupon that is qualified to be applied on jeans).

Nail Products

Essie Nail ProductsApricot Cuticle Oil – I have super dry hands, and with that I have dry cuticles & nails.  I’ve been using this oil at night before I moisturize my hands and can really tell a difference! Smells great too!

Grow Stronger Base Coat – As I said earlier, my nails are dry, and my fingernails easily break. This is not only a base coat that works great for when you want to paint your nails, but it also helps your nails to grow stronger with Vitamin E and minerals that are formulated into the polish.

Nail Polish – Fiji by Essie is my all time favorite color! I have the lovely southern belle Emily Maynard to thank for that one. Some of my other favorites are Bachelorette Bash (pictured above), Cute as a ButtonLollipop, Where’s my Chauffeur, and Sand Tropez.

Dry Fast Top Coat – I’ve used this top coat for years! It dries super fast, lasts a long time, and gives your nail great shine.

Quick-E Drying Drops – These drops quickly dry & seal your nails after your top coat, and add an extra coat of shine to them while drying them super fast!

                                                What have you been loving this past month?



6:3 Treadmill Workout

Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing the workout I had planned for the day or just want to do a simple workout that is straight to the point.

Hopping on my treadmill is always an easy & effective way for me to get in a good sweat, yet push myself.

I’m not a runner by any means, but I do enjoy the time I spend running. I’ve built myself up to running at a 6.0 mile pace relatively easy and I like to alternate between running at 6.0 to walking at 3.0.

Today, I’m sharing what my time on the treadmill looks like when I decide to sweat it all out by running. Feel free to up the faster pace to a 7.0 or 8.0 if your a more advanced runner!

6:3 Treadmill WorkoutLet me know how many miles you cover if you try this workout in the comments below! Happy Wednesday!