Moving on …

Moving onDo you guys ever get to a point with something and realize you are just soo done? Like done. DONE.

I’m at a point like that currently. I am so done with people looking to find the worst in others and wanting drama.

I have a select, tight group of people that I surround myself with and because of that I have no tolerance (or time) for any b.s.

So, anytime I encounter any sort of b.s. I am totally caught off guard and disgusted.

I don’t get why people can’t just live their lives and not care what other people think? Like who the f cares if someone doesn’t like your handbag or your hair or some of your beliefs?!

Do you. Be you.

Do whatever the heck you want!

Life is so freaking short and I can’t stand people who choose to hold onto the petty drama b.s.

Basically, this rant is to just say that if you get to a point where you feel like you have put up with a bunch of bull just set yourself free.

Free yourself from negativity, hatred, ill-intentions, selfishness, and anything that makes you anything less than happy.

No one deserves to be miserable everyday, so if you have to leave something that at one point was good in order to get back to a place where YOU feel GOOD. Then DO IT. Just go.

Say goodbye, and never look back.

Saying goodbye to a time in your life that at one point was so good can be difficult, but everything in life has an expiration date. Even friendships, relationships, jobs, and careers.

While it is hard to leave something that you cherished so much at one time, once you get to the point of so much happening that you can’t be happy again your only choice is to leave.

Leave all of the b.s. in the past and move forward.

Move forward to happier times that include love and friendships and family and true happiness.

Move onto things that bring you peace and joy and calmness and comfort. Move onto what YOU want to DO. Move onto what is RIGHT for YOU.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m growing and moving on from a place in my life that at one point was so good. And something that I thought I would have in my life forever. But as time goes on people change and things change and the way something was when it started can quickly become something you never even imagined. Sometimes people change for the good, and sometimes for the bad. Sadly, the bad seems to outweigh the good, but that is okay because those who have changed for the bad have no place in my life.

I want to be happy. I want to feel free. I want to be calm. I want to be kind. I want to have peace. I want to be the honest, true, and noble person I am, and where I am right now I can’t be those things. So, I made a decision. I made the decision to leave something that was once good, and turned bad. I’ve went back and forth about this decision for so long because I wanted to hold onto the good times. I didn’t want things to change because even though a lot of things are hard, they are familiar. They are things I am familiar with, and know I can handle, but don’t want to handle anymore.

I don’t want to just “handle” things. I want to be happy every second of every day.

So, right now, I am in a transition. I am in a transition from something I was so sure of to something I am unsure of, but feel so excited about.

And that thing I am so excited about is connecting with you guys. Connecting with my readers. Connecting with those from different walks of life. Connecting with those I never even knew existed.


JCrew Factory New Arrivals: September

Today, I’m sharing some favorites of mine from this month’s new arrivals on JCrew Factory! New arrivals are 30% off and the entire site is up to 50% off! Happy Shopping!! JCrew Factory Mixed Media SweatshirtFactory Mixed-Media Sweatshirt

JCrew Factory Tweed Sleeve TeeFactory Tweed Sleeve Tee

JCrew Factory Structured Necklace Tee in Airy CottonFactory Structured Necklace Tee in Airy Cotton

Jcrew Factory Drapey HenleyFactory Printed Drapey Henley Tunic in Porcelain Green

JCrew Factory Mini Skirt in HerringboneFactory Pleated Mini Skirt in Herringbone

JCrew Factory Mini Skirt in Fresh Raspberry

Factory Pleated Mini Skirt in Fresh Raspberry

JCrew Factory Tulip-Hem DressFactory Tulip-Hem Dress

JCrew Factory Tipped Oversized SweaterFactory Tipped Oversized Sweater

JCrew Factory Striped Flannel ShirtFactory Striped Flannel Shirt in Raspberry Apricot Mist

JCrew Factory Leopard Calf Hair Cora LoafersFactory Leopard Calf Hair Cora Loafers


Casual Friday

Today, I’m sharing a few of my necessities for the perfect “Casual Friday” outfit. Lately, this has been my go to outfit and I felt like I had to share it with you guys! I have the JCrew d’Orsay flats in 4 different colors (saddle & black, navy, striped, & snake print, the Reid jeans are super soft making them extremely comfortable, and the Gap Gwen top (which I also have in stipe and love) is a must have because it’s the perfect length. Of course, I can’t forget the statement necklaces. I own all three of these necklaces and LOVE every single one of them! They go with so many different outfits and totally complete the look. Anthropologie is hands down one of my favorite places for statement necklaces! I’m always on the look out for statement necklaces and Anthropologie usually always has something I like.  Another reason I love this outfit is it’s not only perfect for work, but also is great for weekend brunch, shopping with the girls, or a casual dinner. Do any of you have a go to outfit? Share pleaseeee :)signature

JCrew Factory First Look: August

It’s that time of month again! JCrew Factory has new arrivals coming soon! I woke up to an email yesterday morning giving me early access to the new arrivals. Today, I’m sharing my favorites.JCrew Factory First Look AugustTweed Sleeve Tee | Short-Sleeve Printed Shirt Dress | Small Jewelry Tray | Pleated Mini Skirt in Fresh Raspberry | Pleated Mini Skirt in Electric Red | Flannel Shirt | Flared Skirt in Tweed | Sawyer Sweater in Warm Mineral | Printed Drapey Henley Tunic in Porcelain Green | Squared-Bottom Sunglasses | Sawyer Sweater in Wildflower Pink | Paisley Trouser Socks

I know it’s only mid-August, but I’m already getting excited for the warm Fall colors & soft fabrics that come with this time of year. The Sawyer sweater comes in a ton of colors and I’m sure I will be buying one of every color! It looks like the perfect sweater to wear to work with skirts, out to dinner with jeans & heels, or on a cool Saturday morning with flats. I also love JCrew factory’s socks. They’re super soft & come in fun patterns like the paisley ones I posted above. The pleated mini skirt is also another favorite of mine! I currently only have the skirt in black, and just recently discovered it again and am completely in love! Be sure to check out JCrew Factory’s newest arrivals while they are currently 30% off!!



Red White & Blue FlannelI know we’re only halfway through July, but I saw these flannels at Tilly’s the other day and had to have them! They’re super soft, perfect to throw on with shorts in the summer, great as a light layer for cool summer nights, and will work perfect for fall & winter!

Red White & Flannel left view

I love a good flannel whether it is just for lounging around the house, throwing on over a light top to run errands, or as an actual shirt in the fall/winter.

What’s even better is these flannels remind me of the infamous “RAILS” flannels that I always see on Instagram, but are only a quarter of the price!

I’m one of those people who is always hot (I sleep with the fan on even in the winter) so flannels are perfect for me in the winter because I just wear one with a solid tank underneath and am perfectly warm.

Blue & Red Flannel

One of the reasons I think these are so perfect is because they are the “boyfriend” style. This makes them longer, leaving more fabric to be able to tuck them into jeans, shorts, etc. and still have enough fabric to pull out and give you that relaxed effortless look.

Red White & Blue Flannel 2They’re also insanely soft so I know I will be throwing them on when I’m lounging around the house. Happy Shopping ;)